Innovation manufacture our own LED starcloths,

These cloths feature high intensity LED,s that can be dimmed using a normal dimmer, or via our optional DMX power supply. The advantage of our LED starcloth over fibre optics is greater light output and better durability.

We build for sale a range of full colour LED starcloths, these can be built to any density of LEDs from a random spread out starfield down to a tight grid, they are suitable for use in solid set as well as in cloth. The system can be controlled by standard DMX or via artnet, using a tighter density they can display video and graphical images.

All the cloths are ideal backings for Theatre, TV studios or any event.

In our starcloth hire stock we have standard sizes of 24ft x 10ft and 16ft x 10ft, which can be hung in either direction. We also have a limited number of other sizes suitable for over doorways and filling gaps. Our stock held at our Yorkshire warehouse exceeds 5000 Square Foot of cloths of which we are continuing to expand due to their popularity.

Innovation are happy to custom build starcloths to your requirements, with any number of controllable circuits or colours.

Starcloths for hire can be found HERE. We can offer free local delivery starcloth hires of over 4 cloths to the following destinations, Leeds, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Dewsbury, Bradford, Halifax, Barnsley, York and Manchester. Please quote this offer on ordering. The rest of the UK can be supplied via Carrier service.

All Hire starcloth are inspected, tested and brushed down between every hire so to arrive in pristine condition for your use.

Innovation, as well as stocking starcloths we also have a wide selection of black drapes and staging to complete any further requirements you may have. As this is an area we are currently expanding into please let us know if there are any products you wish us to add to our staging line.