TV and Multimedia Installations.

Innovation Productions provide design and installation services for all range of multimedia requirements, from educational establishment to professional TV companies we can provide a complete solution from concept to working facility. Our expertise across all technologies puts us ahead in designing perfectly integrated solutions with great efficiency.

We have experience of the design and build of a number of small to medium scale TV studios, Some of which have been fully virtual green screen studios that have even included motorised cameras and rendering equipment able to recalculate the background in real time. These facilities also have complete lighting, sound and vision systems.

We also install a number of other multimedia facilities, such as training and visualisation rooms, radio and recording studios and music rooms.

Case Study – St Marys College Twickenham,

Innovation Productions designed and installed a multiroom multimedia teaching space, which included a main TV studio, Control Gallery, Voice over booth, Radio Booth and Multimedia space.

The main TV studio was designed to provide a full virtual studio solution, A fully green screen space with floor, wall and infinity curve the university can in real time mix multi-camera broadcasts using virtual sets. The space can also have a roll down black or grey floor place within a few minutes and either a white of black drape background brought into play with the installed curtain track system.

A truss rig with internally wired lighting bars provided the infrastructure for the LED based lighting system that provides even lighting to the green screen as well as key lighting for the presenters, while minimising power consumption and heat generation. The studio has an intensive infrastructure to provide flexibility with stage boxes patchable through audio and video patchbays which also link out into the other spaces.

The other downstairs spaces include a radio studio and a small isolated vocal booth which provides a space for adding voice overs or as an interview space that can be used with the radio studio or with the main studio. A mezzanine level above the gallery and booths houses a small multimedia suite which is kitted out with a large 75inch screen, surround sound and a number of dual screen, dual boot imac computers with a variety of software and interface to allow teaching of audio, video and lighting pre-visualisation.

Case Study – Press Association, Howden, Yorkshire.

Innovation Productions designed and installed a virtual TV studio system. The main studio being a complete green screen studio, with robotic camera and a For-A vision mixer and virtual studio processor. The processor in real time takes the telemetric information from the currently selected camera and provide provide the correctly angled background shot, this works in real time so as the camera moves the illusion of the virtual studio in maintained with the correct prospective. Taking a different camera live and the processor switches to the relevant background to that camera. The studio was fully supported with a complete lighting system along with curtain track system and alternate floor surface. In addition a radio studio system was installed along with phone in lines and ISDN output support. The studio is used for news reports and entertainment pieces that can be quickly rebranded for different customers.

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