Hire Products

Radio Microphone Hire

We supply for hire a number of radio microphone options, All are professional systems and are available as either single systems or racked radio mic hire systems.

Our Sennheiser Racked Radio Mic systems are hired completely wired with antenna distribution systems so that the complete rack can run from a pair of antenna. Also these racks are fully networked with an included network switch allowing remote monitoring via Sennheisers free WSM software.

All radio microphone hire systems from us are hired with a covering radio mic license which covers the complete use of channel 38 and 65, which can allow you up to 26 frequencies before requiring additional site licensing.  If you require advise regarding frequency planning please contact us we have experience of running over 40 channels of radio microphones.

We also have Rack IEM hire systems and handheld Shure systems.

Radio Mic's / IEM's

£16.00p/day (EX-VAT)
£32.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£25.00p/day (EX-VAT)
£50.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£110.00p/day (EX-VAT)
£220.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£220.00p/day (EX-VAT)
£440.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£330.00p/day (EX-VAT)
£660.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£40.00p/day (EX-VAT)
£80.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£30.00p/day (EX-VAT)
£60.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£140.00p/day (EX-VAT)
£280.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£3.00p/day (EX-VAT)
£9.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£12.50p/day (EX-VAT)
£25.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£20.00p/day (EX-VAT)
£40.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£5.00p/day (EX-VAT)
£10.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£2.00p/day (EX-VAT)
£4.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£4.00p/day (EX-VAT)
£8.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£4.00p/day (EX-VAT)
£8.00p/week (EX-VAT)
£7.50p/day (EX-VAT)
£15.00p/week (EX-VAT)