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Innovation Productions are main dealers for most of the leading manufacturers of lighting, sound, video and staging. We have a strong long lasting relationship with these manufacturers and are able to provide a quality back up service in the event that anything should go wrong. We are also a standard dealer of a number of other brands so please contact us if the brand of your chose is not shown.

We have an online shop which covers most theatrical consumables, for purchase of new equipment we recommend calling or emailing us with your requirements.

Having such a vast inventory of our own hire stock Innovation Productions can be a key aid to assisting in the puchase of your own equipment. All equipment that we purchase for hire have been selected to meet high standards for operation and reliability and have been rigorously tested, we have expert knowledge of most equipment on the market and we recognise the requirements of a variety of user groups making us ideal in being able to assist in the selection of the most appropriate equipment to suit performance, reliability and budget. We have been involved in installations from small conference rooms to theatre and tv studios so no entertainment technology is outside of our scope.

We offer a comprehensive range across all technologies to suit all budgets, from high end equipment from the top manufacturers to quality lower budget products, we do not however sell unbranded chinese imports and we do urge customers to be vary wary of such items as we have found many that do not meet the required standards..

Who should buy from us. – Customers looking to match the correct product and price with the knowledge they will have excellent support, full manufacturer backed product warranties and friendly service. With Innovation Productions having an entire warehouse of hire equipment, a backup option for any eventuality always exists.



LP Qbuffer Truss 3 & 5pin

Lightprocessor LP Qbuffer Truss 3 & 5pin

£399.00 (EX-VAT)

LP Qbuffer Truss 3pin

Lightprocessor LP Qbuffer Truss 3pin

£399.00 (EX-VAT)

LP Qbuffer Truss 5pin

Lightprocessor LP Qbuffer Truss 5pin

£425.00 (EX-VAT)

LP Qbuffer Rack 3 & 5pin

Lightprocessor LP Qbuffer Rack 3 & 5pin

£399.00 (EX-VAT)

LP Qbuffer Rack 3pin

Lightprocessor LP Qbuffer Rack 3pin

£399.00 (EX-VAT)

LP Qbuffer Rack 5pin

Lightprocessor LP Qbuffer Rack 5pin

£425.00 (EX-VAT)

LP Qbuffer Rack RJ45

Lightprocessor LP Qbuffer Rack RJ45

£425.00 (EX-VAT)

LP Zip 6 DMX/Analogue

Lightprocessor LP Zip 6 DMX/Analogue

£399.00 (EX-VAT)

LP Zip 12 DMX/Analogue

Lightprocessor LP Zip 12 DMX/Analogue

£499.00 (EX-VAT)

LP Zip 18 DMX/Analogue

Lightprocessor LP Zip 18 DMX/Analogue

£599.00 (EX-VAT)