Innovation Large Arc outdoor stage hire, Our 13m wide stage is available in a number of different build options to suit your event requirements. The stage combines the beautiful look of an arched roof with the practicality of a legged stage structure making it the best stage available in this size range.

In its basic format the Stage Roof is supported on four vertical Truss legs which the roof climbs up to reach the desired height. As the roof is built at ground level, lighting can also be rigged on the trussing structures at this time and be raised into the air with the roof. The Stage with floor takes approximately 12 hours to build and is available in a number of different configurations which can be customised for your event with a variety of floor, drape, lighting and sound options available.

Standard configuration is 4 leg, although we can supply the system on 6 legs for extra weight capacity, we can also supply two additional PA legs with a bridging truss and diagonal brace for hanging of PA from the roof.

Large Arc Stage PDF available HERE

Reduced Depth Arc

Configuration Optionsweb 3d options

As well as various roof configurations we can also lay the floor our in many different ways to suit, either to the same size as the roof, less to provide better rain protection of greater to provide thrust stages. Additionally we are able to provide an additional 2.4m of staging to either side of the stage to create wings which we can provide rain cover to via keder rail extensions and addition side sheets.

13m_Arc_Stage The Truss system that makes up the roof can also be used indoors, with or without covers as well as without the arc section, It can be built in many different arrangements such as a simple but very structural square or rectangle to support equipment when hanging in venues without there own roof capacity.In both indoor and outdoor applications the system is built for you by our engineers and the systems structural analysis can be provided as well as copies of our public liability insurance, for outdoor events the system is fitted with an anemometer to measure wind speeds and an engineer remains onsite in case of excessive wind speeds, which could require the removal of the side sheeting or in severe cases lowering of the roof system.

Hire Costs;

The smallest size option based on a stage floor the full width of the stage but 7.2m deep starts at £5950 + VAT

These includes, Roof on 4 legs, Stage floor, Set of Treads and rear / side wall.

Our standard size 4 leg stage is as follows,

Roof Area 13.4m x 12m
Floor Space, 13.4m x 9.76m

1 Day = £6950 + VAT
Additional Days = £500 + VAT
Includes Delivery and Construction within 100 mile round trip.

Upgrades from this are,

2 x PA Goalposts + £1000 + VAT
Additional middle legs for increased load £1000 + VAT
Cow Sheds Each Bay £200 + VAT

Up to 3 cow shed bays can be added per side, they add 2.4m to the stage width.

All prices are a provided as a guide and on the basis they are provided as part of a complete production package, please contact us for an accurate quote relating to your event and site requirements.

Also Available
Disabled Viewing Platforms
Ramps to Stage
All Priced relevant to size, layout required.

The above stage floor is made up from Litestructures Litedeck Sections, of which we have a vast stock also available seperately for hire. These stages are fully compliant with the IStructE temporary demountable structures, guide on design, procurement and use – 2nd edition march 1999.
A varity of shapes and sizes are avialable to build most stage configurations from standard components.Visit or staging hire pages for prices for comon sizes. Staging hire
Our outdoor stage roof is suitable for use in both fields or on solid ground, Where either ground anchors or ballast is used to safely keep the structure stable in wind. The stage is suitable for all styles of outdoor entertainment including festivals, concerts and promotional events. The stage can be seen here built closely between street buildings and shows our ability to build within a restricted space with minimum disruption.
Innovation Productions are able to supply other stage roof systems.These include large dome stage structures as shown here, or smaller versions of our above ground support stage made up from similar components, we are able to supply these down to 5m x 3m.This Photo also gives an idea of the lighting packages we are able to supply to enhance your stage.Please call us on 01484 865111 to discuss your requirements.