Medium Outdoor Stage

Innovation Medium Arc Roof

Our Prolyte 8m Medium Arc roof is our most popular stage for small to medium sized festivals and events as well as for second stage options or large events, We have multiple of this stage so can use them for touring events, A/B stage setups and multiple sites. The stage can be build in a number of configurations to suit your needs including PA wings, screen wings and cowsheds. We are also able to provide excellent production packages to accompany these stages. 

Below are example prices for this stage, each event is priced individually and prices can vary depending on build location, requirements and availability, discount is not available on stages, although we offer discounted production packages to accompany them.

Standard Prolyte Arch Roof Stage hire,

Includes Prolyte Roof, Litedeck Stage Floor, Set of Treads and rear / side walls.

Total Floor Space 9.76m x 6.1m
Covered Area 8.72m x 6.72m

1 Day = £2500 + VAT
Additional Days = £750 + VAT
Includes Build, Delivery and Collection with 100 mile round trip. This price is based on a suitable minimum production spend, stage only hire would incur a surcharge.

Medium Arc Stage PDF available HERE


Below are a number of options, although you are welcome to view our complete hire catalogue, using the hire link to the left for further items, Stages can be customised to suit customer needs and colours of walls / floor services can be changed to suit branding, along with placement of printed materials or drapes.

Cowshed and PA Wings (Covered).

Qty 2 – Wings the full depth of the stage providing an additional 2m per side of space, for PA, Monitor setups, equipment, changing etc £800 + VAT

PA Wings (Covered).

Qty 2 – 6ft x 4ft covered platforms £140 + VAT

PA Wings (uncovered).

Qty 2 – 6ft x 4ft decks £40 + VAT

Small FOH Tent.

3m x 3m FOH Control Tent £100 + VAT
Platform for FOH Tent £100 + VAT

Sound System for upto 400 person audience.

HK Actor Speaker System, mixer, CD player, 4 hand held radio mics and Operator £350 + VAT

Sound System for upto 1000 person audience.

HK Projector Speaker System, LS9 mixer CD Playback, 4 hand held radio mics and Operator £500 + VAT

Sound System for upto 2000 person audience.

HK Twin Projector Speaker System, LS9 mixer CD Playback, 4 hand held radio mics and Operator £640 + VAT

Band Sound Package.

In addition to main a main PA, 6 Monitor Speakers, monitor console, microphone selection and monitor engineer £350 + VAT

Sound System for 3000 +.

Martin Audio W8LC Line array and WS218X Sub Base Speakers along with PA towers for flying arrays. Prices according to audience size and area. Call for prices on this or any more specific sound requirements.

Lighting Package.

Medium Package – 8 White LED Front fixtures and 8 RGB LED backlight fixtures £180 + VAT
Other Lighting packages available to suit event requirements.

Pit Barrier.

Per Metre £25 + VAT

Fire Protection Package.

3 Fire Points each of Labels Stand, 1 CO2 and 1 Foam Fire Extinguisher £80 + VAT

Other options.

Above options are for first Day, call for longer periods,

Also Available
Disabled Viewing Platforms
Ramps to Stage
All Priced relevant to size, layout required.

Additional Staging.

The above stage floor is made up from Litestructures Litedeck Sections, of which we have a vast stock also available separately for hire. These stages are fully compliant with the IStructE temporary demountable structures, guide on design, procurement and use – 2nd edition march 1999.
A varity of shapes and sizes are available to build most stage configurations from standard components.Visit or staging hire pages for prices for common sizes.